Body Sculpting

Another Way to Restore Confidence

Body contouring solutions are another type of non-invasive strategy that can help optimize beauty and confidence. Dr. Dargie and his team are happy to share some of the different treatment areas and possibilities for body sculpting. For those of us who can’t seem to work off that little bit of belly or tone up our arms despite putting the work in, body sculpting solutions can make that extra bit of difference.

Dr. Dargie works in clinics in Kelowna and Vancouver offering botox, fillers and many other treatments.

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Face & Jawline

Prominent jowls, sagging skin and a vanishing jawline are universal signs of aging, so it’s no surprise that many patients request treatments to address these areas. Treatment options for facial contouring include restoring volume with fillers redefining angles with collagen stimulators and tightening skin with lasers.



The submental region, commonly known as the double chin, is a prominent concern for many. The area of pre-platysmal fat that contributes to facial fullness and the appearance of a double chin can obscure the jawline, detract from our confidence and be one of the most stubborn areas to address on our own. There are multiple non-invasive treatment options for this region that can reduce the number of fat cells and restore a more youthful contoured appearance.


Neck & Decollete

Necklace lines and crepey skin are common concerns in the neck region, and patients often share their concerns over sun-damaged areas of the decollete. There are multiple treatment modalities that we can utilize to contour and treat these areas to help restore youthfulness and confidence.


The Body

The waistline, including love handles, beer belly, and more, is one of the most common areas that fat likes to aggregate. Despite our best fitness efforts and clean eating habits, we sometimes can’t quite achieve the look we desire. There are multiple different technologies available to address undesirable fat accumulation. CoolSculpting is a wonderful treatment modality that freezes fat cells and help reduce them so that they are excreted naturally.


How Can We Help?

Regardless of gender, age, race, and culture, medical aesthetics offers many options to help us look and feel our best. Whether you’re concerned about skin integrity, body contour, anti-aging strategies or appearance, Dr. Dargie is available for consultations in Kelowna and Vancouver for all your aesthetics needs.

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