Age Gracefully

Age Gracefully

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Age Gracefully

A New Gold Standard In Medical Aesthetics



Dr. Dargie is passionate about empowering people to age gracefully. He is focused on creating natural results and helping patients make educated and informed treatment decisions when it comes to medical aesthetics.



Combined with his training and experience in medical aesthetics, Dr. Dargie has a background that includes surgical training and emergency medicine. Dr. Dargie is also a respected speaker and educator across Canada.



Kind, patient, and thoughtful, Dr. Dargie cares about his patients and works hard to provide the highest level of care. Patients appreciate his genuine nature, informative consultations, and transparent communication.

Empowering Confidence

Confidence is a key determinant of our health and overall wellbeing. The core principle of Dr. Dargie’s aesthetics is to ensure all patients have access to positive aging solutions that empower confidence and enhance personal health and wellness. Dr. Dargie’s thorough and comprehensive approach incorporates education, knowledge, lifestyle and anatomy to help accomplish one’s aesthetic goals.

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Positive Aging

We prioritize patient goals to achieve positive aging solutions through personally curated treatment plans.

Body Sculpting

Body contouring solutions include non-invasive strategies to achieve and maintain optimal beauty and confidence.

Solutions For

Solutions for men are similar to those for women but may include a focus on different areas of the face and body.


We offer safe therapeutic treatments that produce great results when administered by a highly trained and qualified injector.
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About Dr. Andrew Dargie

Dr. Dargie is originally from Calgary, Alberta. He received his Medical Degree from the University of Calgary and went on to vascular surgery residency, but ultimately decided to pursue and obtain his CCFP designation. Dr. Dargie practices advanced medical aesthetics in both Kelowna and Vernon, BC. He also works as an Emergency Room Physician at Penticton Regional Hospital and South Okanagan General Hospital, where he is the Department Head of Emergency Medicine. 


Our vision is to integrate advanced rejuvenation strategies with personalized and holistic patient assessments to produce natural and subtle results. Dr. Dargie is a strong advocate of conservative treatments, ensuring that all patients can take solace in looking beautiful and refreshed without the fear of being over-treated.


Our mission is simple — to provide the most comprehensive, evidence-based and personalized care available in medical aesthetics. Dr. Dargie strives to be at the forefront of the ever-changing field of aesthetics while assuring his patients are assessed, educated, and treated with the highest standard of care.

How Can We Help?

Regardless of gender, age, race, and culture, medical aesthetics offers many options to help us look and feel our best. Whether you’re concerned about skin integrity, body contour, anti-aging strategies or appearance, Dr. Dargie is available for consultations in Kelowna and Vancouver for all your aesthetics needs.

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