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Cosmetic Rejuvenation for Men

Medical aesthetics have traditionally been directed at female clients. However, over the past few decades, that convention has shifted significantly. Men of all ages from around the world have begun to seek the benefits of cosmetic rejuvenation. Whether it be integrating a daily skincare regime, enhancing features through fillers and neuromodulators, or taking advantage of anti-aging therapies, the number of men seeking cosmetic solutions continues to increase dramatically. Dr. Dargie sees male clients for treatments such as botox and fillers in both Kelowna and Vancouver.

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Care in Your 20s & 30s

Preventative skin care can be vital for both men and women. Dr. Dargie is a firm believer in proactive skin care and he utilizes conservative treatment options to help patients look and feel their best over time. Imagine your face is like a piece of paper. If you fold that piece of paper over and over again, the creases become permanent. Preventative strategies can help to reduce the chance of permanent facial creases. Clients in their 3rd and 4th decades of life have the opportunity to create a plan with Dr. Dargie to enable them to practice effective self-care strategies.


Skincare Maintenance

Care in Your 40s & 50s

As men age, they can anticipate decreased skin quality, changes in pigmentation, and an overall loss of youthful appearance. Changes in collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and even bone structure factor into the appearance of aging skin. Using a comprehensive but conservative approach, Dr. Dargie’s extensive training and experience in medical aesthetics can help male clients preserve their youthful features and modulate signs of aging. Your 40s and 50s are a prime time to address signs of aging and preserve youthfulness.



Care in Your 60s & Beyond

Signs of aging multiply as we enter our seventh and eighth decades of life. Treatment strategies become more in-depth and comprehensive to address genetic, environmental and inevitable changes that come with time. Whether your skin shows the weathered signs of decades of sun exposure, your wrinkles have become more pronounced, pigmentation darkened, or fat deflated, Dr. Dargie has the knowledge and expertise to address and treat these concerns and achieve desirable results. Treatment solutions often include a combination of techniques that restore volume, tighten skin and address pigmentation, ensuring patient goals and priorities are validated and addressed using the highest quality, evidence-based strategies.

How Can We Help?

Regardless of gender, age, race, and culture, medical aesthetics offers many options to help us look and feel our best. Whether you’re concerned about skin integrity, body contour, anti-aging strategies or appearance, Dr. Dargie is available for consultations in Kelowna and Vancouver for all your aesthetics needs.

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