The Cost of Botox in Vernon

One of the most common questions patients ask is what is the cost of a botox in Vernon. This is a great question! Who wouldn’t want to know the price of a procedure beforehand? This blog will address those questions and give some background information for those new to the procedures. 

Botox is a brand of neuromodulator and the name that most people recognize. Dr. Dargie utilizes both Botox and Dysport as these two brands have the best longevity of the commercially available neuromodulators in Canada. Ie. Patients get the most bang for their buck and need fewer needle pokes in a year! Now, the cost of Botox and Dysport is the same. Dr. Dargie charges $10/unit.


What Factors Affect The Cost Of Botox In Vernon?

So what factors into how many units you need? First and foremost is the treatment area. The most commonly requested treatment areas with botox are the forehead, ‘elevens’, ‘frown lines’, ‘crows feet’, ‘smoker lines’, and the ‘downturned smile’, amongst others. The average female forehead typically requires between 25-50 units of botox to successfully treat. The average dose for crows feet is between 12-30 units of botox. Each treatment area is unique and has different muscles that we target.

The next factor to consider is muscle strength. There is a significant difference between the forehead strength of a 40-year-old male bodybuilder and a 65-year-old female. The stronger the muscles, the higher the dose of botox required to soften the wrinkles and fine lines. Patients with very soft lines and weaker muscle strength might need only a fraction of the dose required for someone with very deep creases and lines. It is essential to have a competent and highly trained injector who can assess these muscles to ensure that you have an appropriate dose to achieve a desired cosmetic effect.

And most importantly, dosing depends on patient goals. Some patients might only want a ‘lip flip’ while others might want upper face, midface and lower face treatments. Some patients want minimal forehead movement, whereas others want to be very expressive. Ultimately patient treatment goals make a significant impact on the cost of the treatment.

The Cost Of Botox In Vernon

So the overall cost of botox in Vernon with Dr. Dargie is $10/unit. Using averages, a typical female forehead requiring 30 units of botox would cost $300. Dr. Dargie is the number one medi spa in Vernon and typically Dr. Dargie books out two weeks in advance for appointments.

Dr. Andrew Dargie is the leading medical aesthetics expert in Vernon and the North Okanagan. He is able to deliver exceptional results with a wide range of services, including cosmetic band therapeutic botox, dermal fillers, lip fillers and much more. His medi-spa in Vernon has everything that you need. Dr. Dargie has a calm and pleasant demeanor and brings a wealth of knowledge to share with his clients. He is a Stanford University graduate and completed his medical school in Canada. Many medical professionals who can’t obtain admission to Canadian medical school must go abroad to obtain an acceptable level of training and we encourage all patients to do their homework and ensure they choose a safe and competent injector. Dr Dargie guarantees a superior experience and is committed to producing exceptional results. Book in with Dr. Dargie today for the best botox in Vernon.

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