The Cost of Lip Injections in Vernon

Lips injections with dermal fillers are one of the most commonly requested medical and cosmetic treatments in Vernon. But how much does it cost, and what should you expect? 

To provide you with some guidance, here is what you can expect to pay for lip injections in Vernon


What are lip injections?

Lip injections with Hyaluronic Acid (a substance that’s found naturally in the body) help restore volume and structure to the lip, producing subtle and desirable enhancement. As we age, our bodies produce less Hyaluronic Acid, the distance between our nose and upper lip increases, and we lose our lip structure. Lip filler injections can restore that natural volume and fullness, resulting in significant patient satisfaction.

How much are lip injections in Vernon? 

The cost of lip injections in Vernon varies from clinic-to-clinic. Each client’s unique needs may require a different plan of action. Dr. Dargie always performs a thorough consultation before any treatment, and this includes discussing the cost of treatment to make sure it works within your budget. 

What can affect the cost of lip injections? 

As mentioned above, many factors can impact the cost of treatment, including the number of injections needed, product longevity, and the amount of product utilized. During the consultation, Dr. Dargie will always discuss the treatment goal, the technique that he will utilize, and what the cost will be. Take, for example, a patient in their 60’s might benefit from a half syringe of a softer filler to hydrate their lip, versus a patient in their 20s looking for more volume and requiring multiple syringes.

Dr. Dargie is the leading provider of medical aesthetics in Kelowna and Vernon. With a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Stanford University in California and a Medical Degree from the University of Calgary, Dr. Dargie is highly qualified to handle all your treatments. From providing you with cosmetic botox and dermal fillers to the being the go-to medi spa in Vernon (practicing at North Okanagan Skin & Laser), there is nothing he can’t help you with it. He offers complete facial rejuvenation, including lip fillers, PRP injections and neuromodulators amongst many others. Leave your treatments in the hands of the leading aesthetics clinician in Vernon. He is committed to providing a superior experience and exceptional results. Make your booking today.

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