Who Can Administer Dermal Fillers In Canada?

Dermal fillers are in high demand across North America. Medical aesthetics in Canada is flourishing, and many medical professionals are interested in expanding their scope of practice to include dermal filler procedures. But who can, and who should perform these procedures? This is a subject of contentious debate, and each province has different guidelines. We encourage all medical professionals to look to perform dermal filler procedures to contact their respective regulatory bodies for rules and regulations. We encourage all patients to do their due diligence and choose an injector that prioritizes their safety and has a significant amount of training in the field.

So who can administer dermal fillers?

Each province has different rules and regulations, but speaking in broad strokes, medical doctors and nurses can inject dermal fillers with the appropriate training and licencing. There are various designations within each field (i.e. within nursing, there are NPs, LPNs, RNs and RPNs), and each has its own rules and regulations. We want to be clear; the purpose of this blog is not to state rules and regulations, simply provide some insight around a commonly asked question. In certain provinces, pharmacists, dentists and physician assistants are allowed to perform these procedures).


Who should administer dermal fillers?

Medical professionals with appropriate training, knowledge and skills. That is the simple answer. But what constitutes appropriate training? Now this is where there is contentious debate amongst those in the aesthetics industry. Just because someone has earned their MD or RN doesn’t mean they are safe to inject dermal fillers. These are cosmetic procedures and ones that are not taught in nursing or medical school. So additional education and supervised experience are necessary to ensure public safety and ethical practice standards.

Back to the question, what constitutes appropriate training? Some would argue watching a youtube video makes them qualified to inject fillers. Some would take it to the other extreme and say you need medical school and then need to complete a surgical residency program (min. 5 years) to offer facial rejuvenation procedures like dermal fillers. With such a discrepancy in opinions, it’s essential to focus on the facts. Medical professionals have an oath – do no harm! Patient safety should be everyone’s top priority. This is something that should be crystal clear to all. 

There are many side effects and dangerous complications associated with dermal filler procedures. The public is largely unaware of this, and many injectors of dermal fillers in Vernon don’t properly consent or notify patients of possible adverse outcomes for fear of losing business or perhaps because they are unaware of the consequences due to lack of training.

Take this analogy into consideration. How can a doctor recognize a heart attack if they don’t know any signs or symptoms? This is why extensive training, shadowing, testing and working is mandatory before being able to practice medicine independently. Medical aesthetics should be no different. If you have never seen the signs and symptoms of a vascular occlusion (something that can happen with dermal filler procedures), how can you recognize it if it happens? We strongly encourage all patients to ask their injectors for their level of training and education. Those who have ample training and certification should have no problem answering a question like this. 

Dr. Dargie works at North Okanagan Skin and laser, which is a medi spa in Vernon. He also works at Boutique Esthetics Lounge in Kelowna. Patients can be assured that they will receive the highest level of care when receiving dermal fillers in Vernon or Kelowna with Dr. Dargie and his team.

The Importance of Education and Regulation

The importance of education in medicine can’t be overstated. All medical professionals require training, direct observation and evaluation before performing dermal filler injections. This is necessary to try and ensure patient safety but also from a moral compass standpoint for medical professionals. This was the impetus for Dr. Dargie founding The Filler Course. This is Canada’s Gold Standard education course for medical professionals looking to administer dermal fillers. It is practical, evidence-based, hands-on and comprehensive. Most people would agree that a Youtube clip doesn’t constitute sufficient training to perform these procedures, yet some people do practice after taking no official training. We encourage all medical professionals to practice safely and learn as much as they possibly can prior to taking on the risk of injecting a patient with fillers.

There are many patients looking for dermal fillers in Vernon and Kelowna. There are also lots of medical professionals looking to take a dermal filler course so that they can expand their scope of practice. Dr. Dargie is an industry leader in the field of medical aesthetics and offers comprehensive treatment solutions to his patients and helps train medical professionals to the highest standard in Canada. Dr. Dargie utilizes the most reputable brands of dermal fillers, such as Restylane and Juvederm. He is also a paid speaker for multiple large pharmaceutical companies that manufacture dermal fillers.

Dr. Andrew Dargie is a leading medical aesthetics expert in Vernon and Kelowna. He is able to provide a wide range of services, including medical and cosmetic botox, fillers, collagen stimulators and much more. North Okanagan Skin and Laser in Vernon and Boutique Esthetics Lounge in Kelowna are where Dr. Dargie offers his services.  Dr. Dargie is a graduate of Stanford University and the University of Calgary and has the experience, passion and knowledge to provide exceptional patient care and results. He is committed to providing a superior experience for patients and for medical professionals who take The Filler Course and learn to perform these procedures. Contact Dr. Dargie for a complimentary and no-commitment consultation if you are an interested medical professional wanting to learn how to inject dermal fillers.

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